• Exterior Facade Evaluations
  • Construction Management
  • Bidding Documents & CADD
  • Budget Estimates
  • Ongoing and Critical Examination Reports
  • Capital Reserve Studies (Exterior Facades and Roofs)
  • Steel Structure Reports
  • Garage Restoration
  • Water Leak Investigation
  • Window Replacement Projects

Project Processes

  • Initial consultation to review the project and gain insight on what the clients’ needs are a proposal to outline a plan of action to review the existing conditions.

  • An issued Preliminary Report with observed conditions and recommendations for repair, if necessary, including a budget estimate, Bidding Documents, Bidding and Negotiating with Qualified Contractor's.

  • Quantity tracking to follow the progress and budget of the Project and oversight of the Project to ensure Owner that all repairs outlined in the Bid Form are completed to industry standards.

  • Owner's Representative overseeing Preliminary Reports, Scope, Schedule and Budget Develop and Issue Request for Proposals (RFP's) Project Team selection, facilitation, management of contractors, project oversight and Project Close Out